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I want to Learn Dutch

Do you need more information? Please contact me, so we can discuss how I can help you.

I am a beginner and looking for private lessons

The lessons are suitable for anyone who does not know (much) Dutch yet. We start with the basics. If you already know a bit of Dutch and you want to learn Dutch to use in daily life, this beginners course is also very suitable.

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I am a beginner and interested in a group course

In a small group of maximum 6 people, we work in 40 online lessons to a beginner's level of speaking, listening, reading and writing, the A2-level. You do not need any basic knowledge to start the course.

Group course A1 to A2 level

The lessons are suitable for anyone who already has a basic knowledge of Dutch. For example, you have been living in the Netherlands for a number of years, or you have already followed a beginners' course.

I am ready for the next level: Private lessons

The lessons are suitable for everyone who has a basic level of Dutch, the A2 level. This course is a follow-up of the A2 level.

Next level group course

Suitable for anyone who has mastered the A2 level, and loves to learn Dutch in a small group. Together we work towards the B1 level. When you are at the B1 level, you are ready to take the state examination NT2 program I.

Advanced level

Especially for those who want to develop themselves further in the Dutch language, there is the advanced learning course. You work from B1 to B2 level. In 45 one-on-one lessons, I will guide you through the material.

Boost your Dutch speaking skills

Improve your speaking skills in 7 one-on-one hours under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Dutch for Afrikaans speakers

All the lessons are tailored to the needs of people who speak Afrikaans and want to learn Dutch to use in daily life.

Duo lessons

There is special pricing for duos who want to take lessons together. Each second person is for half of the original price.

This rate applies to each private course or lesson. It is important that you are both more or less at the same language level.

Any questions?

You can ask your questions via the contact form. Also check faq to see if your question has already been answered there.