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About Elizabeth

I’m a teacher at hart. I love to share knowledge and stories and to see someone else grow in their development.
I have 20 years of experience in teaching and for the last 3 years, I have been running my own business.
My students are foreigners who live in the Netherlands, be it for love or work.

I believe that language enriches our lives. This idea is at the heart of my company Talk Dutch 2. Central to integrating in a new culture is speaking the language and this can be achieved much faster with inside knowledge of local culturalisms. By offering one on one lessons and group courses I make sure that your Dutch speaking skills, listening skills and general understanding improve significantly.

I myself love to learn about languages, discovering their history and cultural context, and allowing me to better connect with my students. When I was younger I spoke the local language of the Stellingwerven with my family. Once at primary school I learned Dutch. In high school, I wanted to learn French. I thought it was a beautiful language with wonderful melodious sounds. After high school, I went to the pedagogical academy for primary education and came into contact with the Frisian language. I don’t yet speak this language fluently, but I can understand it very well. During a year of working for the Cultural Capital in Leeuwarden, I was exposed to German and can now speak it reasonably well. At the moment I am actively working on refreshing my Stellingwerfs and English.

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