Are you ready to start learning Dutch?

Have you had the plan to learn Dutch for a long time?
I start with online Dutch group lessons for beginners in October.
In small groups we work in 15 lessons to a beginner’s level of speaking,
listening, reading, and writing.
Every Wednesday at 7.00 pm we have a class for 1.5 hours.
The costs are €249,- p.p.
We start on October 6.
Do you want to join, leave a message and I will contact you.
Need more information, feel free to ask questions

Would you like to understand what is said to you in a shop and how you can answer?
Would you like to be able to speak Dutch to your colleagues at work?
Would you like to have better contact with the Dutch people around you?
Do you wish you could speak Dutch without feeling ashamed or insecure?
Would you like to join conversations during parties with Dutch friends and family?
Do you think it is important to learn Dutch because your children are at school here?
Do you want to learn Dutch because you plan to settle in the Netherlands?
Do you feel overwhelmed by all the free offerings on the Internet?
Are you not sure how and where to start learning Dutch?
Do you want to have fun while learning something new?
Do you want to achieve guaranteed success?

I have developed two online courses in which I will share with you my years of knowledge and experience in the Dutch language.

During the online lessons, we work on speaking assignments and discuss grammar.
At home, you will spend approximately 2 hours per week working on assignments independently. You will practice reading, listening, and writing and you will repeat the speaking and grammar assignments.
For the course, we use the book Nederlands in Gang. You buy this book yourself. The book includes an online learning environment where you will find many extra assignments to practice with.

What others say about the Dutch courses
“I’m working with Elizabeth now to learn Dutch. I know I’m a slow learner but she makes it fun and very engaging. I’m really enjoying our lessons and the structure.
I’ll post this in Dutch one day soon!!”
Richard Green

“My main problem was unable to communicate and talk with people either in my work or outside. It made me feel left most of the time. I wanted to engage more and to understand what was going on around me. I have learned a lot my speaking and reading skills have improved significantly. A lot of people complimented my improvement which made me feel more comfortable to talk more not just in a work environment but even more in social interacting.”
Shiko Hassan

“I spoke Dutch very simply and I was always ashamed to try out with new people, so I always felt like asking to switch to English. I was always a little embarrassed because I could not communicate in Dutch. Now I’m able to speak more clearly and I started to speak Dutch everywhere. I feel I can communicate better in Dutch. I feel very happy and proud. The lessons were absolutely worth the investment.”
Diana Esquivel

What is special about this course?
We work in a small group, so you have intensive guidance.
I use a structured program, you work during the lessons and at home from the study book.
An enthusiastic teacher who enjoys it when you make progress.
The group energy takes you to a higher level.
A teacher who gives you many tips and has extra material if you have difficulties with a particular topic.
Together is more fun!

At the end of the course you will have achieved this:
-You will feel more confident to use Dutch in your daily life.
-You will enjoy making contact with people in Dutch.
-You will feel more at home in the Netherlands because you can join in conversations and understand what is going on.
-You will use Dutch in your daily life.

You will learn to use the basics of Dutch. During the lesson, you will practice a lot with the language and you can ask questions. At home, you will work 2 hours per week using the book Nederlands in Gang. If you need extra practice material, this will be provided.
The course takes about 4 hours per week of your time.

What others say about the Dutch courses
“I’ve been taking lessons with Elizabeth and she’s been very good.  Her prices are reasonable too. ”
Michelle Bergsma

“Elizabeth helps and puts all her effort into reaching your language goals according to your expectations, pace, and level. She makes sure that things are on the right way, and she understands the troubles of the Dutch language. She is patient.”
Lorena Romero

“I am so happy to be learning Dutch with “Talk Dutch 2. Elizabeth is such a talented teacher. She beautifully orchestrates online courses while being inclusive of all students with varying degrees of knowledge of the Dutch language and the Dutch culture.
The general atmosphere in the class is positive and uplifting. Magically, Elizabeth makes learning Dutch fun!!!”
Asala Mahajna

About the teacher
My name is Elizabeth Bergsma and I am a teacher. I have always been very interested in languages. I am convinced that language enriches our lives. This idea is at the heart of my company Talk Dutch 2.
I assist people in learning the Dutch language, focussing on those who come to live in the Netherlands, be it for love or work or any other reason. Central to integrating into a new culture is speaking the language and this can be achieved much faster with inside knowledge of local culturalisms. By offering language courses I make sure that your Dutch speaking skills, listening skills, and general understanding of the language improve significantly.

-Do I have to buy a study book myself? Yes, you can buy the book Nederlands in Gang from publisher Coutinho (third edition) at €42,95.
-Can I buy this book second-hand? Yes, you can but it is not practical. Please note that you cannot work in the online environment then. Here you find the listening assignments and you can practice extra with subjects that you find difficult.
-Will I get a diploma or certificate after the course? No, you will not receive an official document after finishing the course.
-Does this course prepare me for the civic integration exam?
Yes, this course is the first step if you want to take the civic integration examination.
-I already know some Dutch, is this course suitable for me? The basic Dutch course is more suitable then.
-Will there be a next time? A new group course will start in 2022.
If you want to sign up for it, send an email to
-Will I receive an invoice? Yes, after your registration an invoice will be sent to you by email. There is no VAT charged.
-Is the program suitable for children? This program is not written for children. Are you looking for a program for children, please contact me so we can look at the best solution together.
-I have more questions where can I ask them? Send an email to and I will answer your questions.